Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Tomatoes:

Last year I planted ten tomato plants, and eventually harvested more than 500 (mostly delicious cherry tomatoes). This year I planted earlier. I doubled the size of my plot and planted only seven plants. Last year's tomato plants were a jungle, and I wanted no more of that. I envisioned a plot with neat, separate bushes, in which I could easily see every ripe tomato, and reach them all with ease.

It quickly became clear that this year's crop was maturing slower than last. I was sure my experience in pruning, planting and fertilizing would count for something, but my fewer plants completely overran their larger space, leaving me with a dense jungle of green tomatoes. But they've been ripening, and this week they surpassed last year's total, with possibly two hundred more to come before the plants stop bearing. We have too many tomatoes to eat right now, but at least, they're delicious.

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