Monday, July 12, 2010

CVS Seems to Exaggerate: Senior Citizens 10% off all prescription medicines.

When I enter my local CVS, I see a sign in large type that seems to have no ifs, ands or buts. It says approximately this:

Senior Citizens 10% off all prescription medicines.

I inquired about this great-sounding deal, and was disappointed to find out what it really meant.

The sign does not mention a restriction: You get this discount if you have no insurance. Please note: if you have insurance, but that insurance does not cover a specific prescription, you do not get the discount. You have to have no insurance at all. And Medicare counts as insurance.

Now there are senior citizens who have no insurance and not even Medicare, but I suspect they represent a very small part of the Senior Citizen population, especially in central New Jersey.

Ah. But the CVS deal is better than that, as a pharmacist explained to me. For them, a Senior Citizen is 62 and older. So for about three years, more SC’s can take advantage of this deal, although, duh, a lot of them will have insurance and be ineligible.

CVS, how about rewording your sign?

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