Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Wonderful Podcast, CD-length (TekDiff):

I really enjoy the Tekdiff (Technical Difficulties) audio-only podcast. Its creator, Cayenne Chris Conroy, produces very funny skits and engrossing extended F&SF stories. His humor can veer off into belly-laugh surprises, he does (almost) all of a great panoply of voices by himself, and he’s a master at handling sound effects. (And by the way, he’s not always safe for work.)

Now, for a side-project, he has produced a CD-length podcast of a remarkable story that winds and twists through fascinating, fantastical scene after scene. I listened to the original version of this story, which appeared in bits and pieces in Cayenne’s regular Tekdiff podcasts. Now he has re-recorded it and published it all together. The podcast begins with a mordant apology for failing to attend to his current podcast schedule, and then launches into the spell-binding epic, a story about a childless father’s quest to find his teenage son before it’s much too late. It’s called The Whoever Wishes Show, and you can download it here. If you listen to humorous podcasts, or if you like, oh, say, Neil Gaiman, I strongly suggest that you do so.

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