Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sports salaries and Winning Teams:

The Miami pro basketball team managed its salary cap in such a way that they could hire three stars who want to play together. News reports on this coup mentioned that the rest of the Miami team will have to play for peanuts, to fit under the team salary cap. It takes more than three people to play basketball, so there's a fasinating possibility that the three new Miami stars may not make a winning team.

I have always believed what sports stars have always said: they want to earn lots of $$$, but really, truly, they want to win championships. If this is true, how dumb are these players? I have two questions for them that seem to have no answers. I've wondered about these questions for a long time, but the Miami deals really put them in the spotlight.

Question #1: Why didn't LeBron James and the other two stars lower their money requirements? Why not try to earn 80% of what they got, in order to leave Miami with more money to fill out the team? What are they thinking? Earning every last dollar in order to make the rest of their team as weak as possible?

Question #2: Who will be willing to sign on with Miami for those minimal salaries? Hey, I know: Veterans worth ten times as much (or even more), who know that by filling out a strong team with these stars, they are likely to win a championship. Isn't this a no-brainer?

By the way, let's bear in mind that winning championships enables players to make more money for the rest of their lives. Better advertizing deals, more successful TV & movie careers, and even more profitable car dealerships. Why don't these guys act like they want to win?

Oh, wait. I know. They just want the money.

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