Friday, July 02, 2010

A free plot idea!

As a budding novelist, I’m always looking for great plot ideas, so just imagine how selfless I am, tossing out, entirely FREE, a great idea for a TV Sitcom. The background is a story about Google, reported in the New York Times. Google is going to give some extra $$ to some of its homosexual employees who live with a domestic partners, to compensate them for a benefits tax they must pay, that we hetero couples do not have to pay. Google is not alone in this. According to the story, it's a cutting edge thing, but other companies do it as well. Now here's my fantastic sitcom idea:

Bill and Jane are happily married. So are Jim and Gina. Each couple owns half of a house that they all share. They all work at companies that offer this extra money to gay couples. In order to get it, Jane and Gina "live together" downstairs, and the men “live together” upstairs, on top of the ladies (a thousand laughs right there). You can imagine all the amusing frustrations that arise as the couples try to keep their true love secret, and as they struggle and flail to schedule enough sex time with their true spouses. The show could be called "Four's Company," or "Bill and Jim plus two." It'll get a million laughs.


Unknown said...

Been done.
I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry said...

That is just unbelievable. The rewards are so paltry, and the risks are so great, and the idea is so silly. I couldn't believe anyone would actually try this idea, until I realized: of course, it's an Adam Sandler movie (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry).

Still, maybe I trumped the movie by working the wives into the plot. I ought to get a job as a broke, out-of-work, TV writer.
- PB

Unknown said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, with ideas like that you can be a rich, successful TV writer.