Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amazon, did you have to delete many helpful book reviews?

I weighed 222.0 pounds this morning. My weight generally goes up after a day in which I drive for many hours. (I'm a very relaxed driver.) I counted my calories yesterday and did not expect this little bounce.

Amazon has apparently banned authors from reviewing books in their own genre, and many authors are angry, especially those who took the time to write dozens of reviews that have been deleted. I have a horse in this race, because, having written a fantasy novel, I can no longer review fantasy novels at Amazon.

I'm not quite sure whether Amazon looks at other websites to decide what an author's genre is, but if they do, I probably can't review self-help books either.

I have a better suggestion for Amazon: remove the star (*****) ratings, and let any reader write a review. Without stars, the reviews will speak for themselves.

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