Tuesday, December 25, 2012

PSEG in NJ: A failure to communicate.

I weighed 221 pounds this morning. Excellent.

The power went out last Friday (strong wind, heavy rain).

There are many things our power company could do to make us safer from power outages, and to restore power more quickly. These things cost money - probably a lot - and it’s unlikely that PSEG will be given rate rises to do them. But PSEG could do a much, much, better job of communication. I wrote about this issue before, but here are some observations:

1. The “outage map” at their website tells me only the estimated outages in my entire county. It should be more detailed, showing my town, the links that are without power, and their status. PSEG has that very data on their intranet, I’m sure. Share it with us!

2. PSEG’s website claims that we can get the best status info by following them on Twitter. I tried that, and saw dozens of messages like this: “Heckfire, call 800-555-5555. We’ve got a problem.” “@Loser255, we saw you reported your probem, and we’re getting right on it.” All these twitters say nothing about SCHEDULE and PLACE. They are useless.

3. I can call PSEG (800-350-pseg), and its computer uses my phone number to give me status about my area. At 10:45 this morning, the recorded message told me that their “investigation” will be complete by 10:28. Their computer system should avoid promising action to be done in the past! I had to wait to speak to a human to discover the (improved) current status.

PSEG, Comunicate!

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