Monday, December 17, 2012

Recharging as a way of life:

This morning I (again) weighed 222.2 pounds. Not bad.

I've been thinking about all the devices that I must often recharge:
  • My feature phone
  • My iPod touch
  • My iPad
  • My Striiv (superb super pedometer)
And less often:
  • My Water Pik
  • My razor
  • My magic trackpad
  • My emergency radio, a newly received gift
And before each trip, because it manages my packing list so well:
  • My old Nokia N800 PDA.

Fortunately, my watch runs a few years on a replaceable battery.

I'm sure I shall have to update this entry when I remember the other device or two. Tomorrow I shall riff on a related topic: why so many devices?

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