Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why so many Devices (2):

Today I weighed 223.6, which means I have bounced back up by 1.4 pounds. I think this is a temporary setback; stay tuned...

Two days ago I listed the devices I have that need regular recharging. Yesterday, I implied that some of them should have been replaced by general purpose computers. Let's look at what I think are my exceptions:

Why do I have a feature phone? I could have an iphone instead of the feature phone and the ipod. I think the answer is that the iphone, a general purpose computer (and its smartphone competitors), has not gotten generalized enough. Smartphones are relatively expensive as phones, and many smartphones do not make phone calls very well. Since I do not need all-the-time connectivity, it makes sense for me to have a device that easily makes reliable phone calls, plus the ipod touch. Within a few years, there will be more variety in smartphone pricing, and I will replace these two devices with one.

Why can't the ipod replace my Striiv? In principle I think it can. But the current ipod and iphone may not be good enough yet, at detecting when I take a step and when I climb stairs. That will change too, because better sensory devices in future phones will sell newer games. When smartphones have better sensing abilities, I will choose a "pedometer" app, and my smartphone will have replaced two other devices, the feature phone and the striiv. Oh, and a multitasking OS may be needed to enable "pedometer" apps to work. iOS may be the wrong OS here.

Why can't my iPod replace my old Nokia N800 pda? It can't. That device has a superb spreadsheet interface that is just right for managing a packing list. I have a very long packing list, and I charge the N800 up whenever I need to pack for a trip. My N800 survives because, in effect, it has a highly specialized user interface. (The rest of the N800's UI is disappointing, one reason why the device fell by the wayside.)

Please note that my iPod could attempt to replace my iMac's magic trackpad, but the trackpad holds its own by being inexpensive and very comfy to use.


AS said...

Well,in the next ten years we are gonna have goggles which will project phone screens onto their fact,my uncle is an inventor and he showed me a pager he made which has a which can be attached instead of normal lenses in almost any conventional frame and there are gloves which have pressure pads on the fingertips area,with which you can type.he told me that this tech Is being developed by a couple of scientists and in the next ten years,they will create a good phone.Also,hold on to your NOKIA phone as they are super durable(my old NOKIA X6 fell from two storeys and survived whereas my new iPhone broke when it fell from my suit pocket.) said...

AS, Thanks for an excellent comment. Off topic, I would like to point out that Gmail is trying too hard to be helpful. Since AS failed to type a space between the words "lenses" and "in fact", Gmail detected an attempt to link to a url (!!) and encouraged me to click. I thought that AS had inserted this URL, and I found myself at a website called . I was not happy. AS, that wasn't your fault!
- PB