Sunday, March 04, 2007

Legacy Stuff:

I helped the company I work at to swap two laboratories. (These were not "wild scientist" labs, but rather rooms full of computers annd lots of bits of random hardware.) Each of the two projects would be better off moving its stuff to the other's room, don't ask me why. Moving a lab is a mind-numbing process, bit by bit by bit by bit. But in this case there was a fun part: each lab contained some equipment whose ownership was uncertain. We had to decide whether to junk the orphan stuff, move it, or cordon it off in a corner and forget about it. Ingenuity, and a large garbage can, were required!

Many months have passed since the lab swap, and I am pleased to report that somehow, all the orphan things we kept in our new lab have crept back into service. I hope the true owners of these thingies never notice.
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