Monday, March 26, 2007

My DS2 Recorder, a sinkhole for notes:

I usually carry around a DS2 recording device. It is superb for helping me to remember fleeting thoughts that I don’t have to act on right away. I can turn the recorder on in two seconds, record my thought – maybe I want to find a recipe for cauliflower – and I’m done. This is MUCH faster and more convenient than adding a note to my PDA.

Unfortunately the key is that these are notes NOT requiring immediate action. Quick-action notes have to be scheduled in my PDA so I’ll see them and get to them in time. I can listen to a few DS2 notes at leisure and do whatever I told myself to do, or put those notes in a more permanent form.

Or not! After all, the DS2 is merely a new way to be lazy. One day I noticed I had eighteen DS2 notes waiting for review. It took me about ten days to work them off.
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