Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Off-Web, Gotta Catch Up!

We were off the Internet at home for thirty hours, from mid-Sunday through Monday evening. Monday night I called Verizon and let the customer service guy do his thing. Then I called my router company, Linksys, and let Anna in the Philippines do her thing. Three hours later we were back on.

Now I can’t afford to waste three hours during an ultra-busy month, and I can't bear to stay up late before my Tuesday a.m. radio show, but I still count it as a win if the problem gets fixed. If I understand correctly, it went like this: Verizon decided my modem (which they sold me long ago) needed re-authenticating, so they shut me down until I called them. During the authentication process, in which the DSL modem was detached from the router and re-attached, the router decided it could guess what kind of modem I had but it couldn’t. After we TOLD it what my modem was, Verizon gave the modem a new Internet address, whereupon my firewall refused to let this strange new me access the internet, even with firewall permissions at their lowest settings. But we completely restarted the firewall and all’s okay. Sort of.

If you ask me, this whole thing was triggered by the new EDT time change, even though the change happened hours before we lost web access. I think practically everything that’s happened in the last two days is due to the new time change.

By the way, here’s something new: I always like to find out the locations of the customer service people who help me. The Verizon guy was in India, but he could not tell me his city “for security reasons.” Right.

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