Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today: a Joke.

Our local supermarket has good produce. I was standing in the vegetable section looking all around, and one of the vegetable workmen asked me in his distinctive Spanglish: “What are you looking for? Can I help you?”
“I'm looking for a bargain, a cheap vegetable,” I replied.
He waved me over. “Come here, I can help you.”
I walked over to him, and he told me this story:

Once there was a man who wanted to buy a cheap car. He went to an automobile dealer and said, “Show me the cheapest car on your lot.”
“I have just the car for you,” said the dealer, and he took the man to a small, ugly car.
“What does it cost?”
“A million dollars.”
“A million dollars! I asked you for a cheap car, not this!”
“You don't understand, just watch. This car has a genie, you can ask him for anything.”
The dealer opened the door and put the key in the ignition. A genie appeared!
“What do you want?” asked the genie.
“We're kind of busy right now,” said the dealer, “Just get us two cups of coffee.”
Poof! Two good cups of coffee appeared. As they drank, the man made up his mind. He rushed home. He sold his house, sold his possessions, borrowed money from friends and neighbors and returned to the dealer.
“Here! Here's your million dollars,” he said, “sell me the car.”
Soon he was cruising his neighborhood and everyone came out to see the car. He stopped and got out, they crowded around him.
“This is a million dollar car? Why did you buy it?”
“Just watch.”
He opened the door, put the key in the ignition, and the genie appeared.
“Genie, give me a million dollars,” he said.
“I'm sorry,” said the genie, “I only make coffee.”
The vegetable man roared with laughter, and I must say, I joined in.

I bought a three-dollar head of cauliflower.

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