Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Half a notch on my belt:

This morning I weighed 222.8 pounds. I'm VERY hungry and struggling to resist many urges to snack. One sign of my diet: this morning I pulled my belt in one extra half-notch. Now what's a half-notch on a belt? I'll explain.

I've been wearing my belt with the prong stuck in the third hole from the end. The fourth hole was too tight. But this third hole was too loose, and sometimes I had to hitch my pants up. I had a solution for this, but I hated to do it when my belt looked so nice: I thought about using the leather-punch in my Swiss Army knife to add a hole between the third and fourth holes; that would have been just right. But I hate to add an amateurish belt hole when the belt looks so nice.

This morning I easily put the prong into the fourth hole. Weight-loss has to be a factor here. One can hope.


AS said...

Instead of dieting,you should do Daily exercises and eat normal(no over eating neither starving .just eat fibres,carbs and fats in the right amount ,which you can burn out)dieting will make you very hungry and even foul-mooded or even foul-mouthed. As for the belt issue,how about you put an extra hole in between every hole on your belt .Also,nice guide you wrote there on aralon:swords and shadows HD . said...

AS, thanks, and thanks about the Aralon Walkthrough. Exercise alone won't do it for me, partly because I'm 71. I had to get rid of my major snacking habit. I walk several miles a day and swim for exercise, and I prefer low carbs in my diet.
- PB

AS said...

If you are 71,then why do you need to reduce weight? You should just sit in the easy chair,write good books like raven's gift and do blogging .Also,you should snack as much as you like and exercise only if you can .After seventy-one years of life,you should take a well-deserved break as you must've done your share of work and exercise before.