Friday, January 27, 2006

Did you speak to a Lady? Or a Tiger ...

I was in Manhattan for an important, early morning meeting. In fact I was there the night before, because the powers that be had decreed I would arrive well-rested and on time. I checked in to my hotel and called a nearby Japanese restaurant I had long wanted to try. I made a dinner reservation and walked over.

Things were mildly chaotic at the restaurant. I was the only person waiting to be seated, yet for a few minutes no one noticed me. Finally the manager bustled over. I explained I had a reservation and gave my name. He checked quickly and told me he had no record of any reservation. I explained I had called the restaurant barely twenty minutes before. "Did you speak to a lady?" he asked, "or a woman?"

I was pretty sure there was a mistake in his question somewhere, but I also felt that there was only one permissible answer, so I gave it:
"A lady!"
He consulted feverishly with a few staff and then gave me a table for a delicious meal.
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