Friday, January 20, 2006

Sugar Cube ALERT!

Here's an important public service message for you: Domino has made an important change to Domino Dots, their sugar cube product. If you use sugar cubes, you've got to know about this change! But first, some background:
You're probably aware that when a company downsizes a food product, they make a big fuss about it. Ads and packaging tell you the food is New and Improved. The package may be larger, the price may be higher, but the total contents have gotten smaller. There are many ways to shrink foods, so you've really got to watch the manufacturers of all your favorite products. (And the same happens to cosmetics and many other product supplies you use around the house.)

Now as far as I know, Domino Dots have been changed without any of these “warnings.” This is a surreptitious repackaging, perhaps because the product didn't get smaller. It got LARGER. Yes, there are now twice as many calories in every Domino Dot, and you should cut your consumption of these neat li'l cubies in half. Domino has obsoleted recipes that use sugar cubes! (And there are such recipes.)

The new cube LOOKS just a little larger. In order to double in volume, each dimension has to increase by the cube root of two, which means only about 25% each higher, wider and deeper. This photo will give you a clue:

Domino Dots, After and before
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