Sunday, January 15, 2006

How do you get into your car?

Last night I opened the driver's door of my car. I faced away from the car (away from the side) and lowered myself onto the seat. Then I slowly turned to the right, swinging my legs forward into the car. I suddenly realized that this action seemed utterly natural to me; but three or four years ago, getting in side-saddle like that was always humiliating and awkward.

I used to open the car door, stand next to the driver's seat facing forward, lift my right leg up and into the car. Then I would shift my weight, crouch and bring the rest of my body inside. But I developed a serious knee problem. And about 20% of the time, when I lifted up my right leg, the left knee – bearing all my weight – screeched in pain.

I regrouped and found this new side-saddle way. I was sure I would always be ashamed of it. I wish I'd been a bit prescient, saying to myself, "you'll feel humiliated getting into a car for three or four years."
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