Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Donner & Blitzen!

This morning, I weighed 200.2 220.2 pounds. Borinng...

The Fitness center where I swim has an asinine rule that if there is thunder or lightning:  Everybody out of the pool! The security expert, Bruce Schneier, coined the term "Security Theater" to refer to exaggerated responses to overhyped security concerns. I think this pool rule is "Liability Theater", a trumped-up excuse for calming the misplaced liability fears of the owners. It's obvious that we fitness center members are at much greater risk walking to our cars in a storm, when we are suddenly not allowed to swim.

And why am I complaining about this issue today? Because, here on January 30, the forecast was for a thunder storm. I mentioned the pool rule to the lifeguard after my swim, expressing my thanks that I was allowed to finish.

"I did hear a rumble," the lifeguard said. "Not quite enough to shut us down."

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