Thursday, January 31, 2013

Which Smartphones Will Win? Blackberry (1):

This morning I weighed 219.4 pounds.

It's too early to decide how good the Blackberry 10 is. We need to see how it behaves when the networks are full of them, when hackers try to hack them, when their native apps are pushed hard to produce. And we need to find out why the keyboard version of this new phone was not the first version out of the gate. But I have a good word of advice for you today:

The  BB10 is engaged in a four-way race. Everyone is wondering whether the BB might find its way into a universe ruled by Android and Apple. But don't forget, Microsoft is already trying to crack into this world. It is really, really, really difficult to imagine both Microsoft and Blackberry being successful in the competition to sell smartphones based on different operating systems. If BB can succeed, how many app developers and users will have time for Microsoft?

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