Sunday, January 20, 2013

TV Screen, Stop! I'm looking at you.

This morning I weighed 219.2 pounds, my lowest weight in the current diet.

The fitness center where I swim has many TVs hanging from the walls. Some of these TVs display cable channels. Some of them display exercise videos. And some of them display a slide show of static images that we are supposed to find interesting.

I did find one interesting. The screen showed a picture of a fine middle-aged woman, and the text began: Last year at age 48, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

“I want to read this,” I told myself, and I stepped forward for a better look. Before I could read another word, the screen changed, going on to the next, totally unrelated slide.

WELL I HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR THE PROGRAMMERS OF THIS SLIDE SHOW! We’re in the 21st century here. Billboards know when people look at them. The program running this TV doesn’t have to change slides every 15 seconds. It can change slides if no one is staring intently at the screen. A camera and a little software is all that’s required to realize that someone wants to read the rest of the text.

I haven’t found time yet to make this suggestion to my fitness center people, but I will.
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