Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Have you heard of: Glittens?

This morning I weighed 220 pounds. It's getting frustrating, waiting to see 218.x on the scale. I must diet more diligently.

Have you heard of Glittens? If you own a spork, and it's not warm all year round where you live, you might want to buy a pair. They are a combination of gloves and mittens.

We understand the tradeoff: mittens keep your fingers warmer, but you can't DO anything wearing them. You can work a cellphone with gloves, until your fingers ice over.

Glittens consist of gloves with an attached "mitten hood" that flips over your fingers to provide that extra mitteny warmth. There's quite a variety out there! Do a search for "glittens" and then click on "image search."

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