Sunday, January 27, 2013

Geometric Power Bars:

Last Thursday I weighed 200.4 pounds; then on Friday, 200; today: 200.2. My body has told me that I can maintain a five pound weight loss. That’s good, but I want to do better.

If you have a smart phone that uses s serious battery, you are probably familiar with bars that mislead. When your phone drops one bar, the battery hasn’t lost ¼ of its power. It has lost a lot more than that, and it might be time to panic about a recharge.

I’m wishing for a new ideal when it comes to power bars. Instead of desiring them to show a consistent linear draining process, I wish that they would more accurately align with the fear and anguish that they wring from my heart. I want geometric bars.

When my phone loses one power bar, that ought to mean what I fear it means: that my battery is half drained. When a second bar goes, I should have about ¼ of my power left. And so on. I’m not asking for much! Those power bars come pretty close to meaning what I’m asking for, already.

Similarly, when my car’s gas gauge is down ¼, I ought to have half a tank left, and so on. (In some cars, that’s exactly what it means!) It would be less annoying, I think, to deal with geometric gauges and geometric power bars.

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