Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Verinnthal vs. Verinnthal:

This morning I weighed 220.6 pounds. Bummer.

When we first moved to our current town, the best internist there was also acknowledged to be an incredibly nasty doctor. His nastiness (but I never heard specific details) was legendary. Yet his rep as a doctor was so good that a man once walked into his waiting rom and said to the receptionist, “I hear that one of doctor Verinnthal’s patients just died. Would Dr. Verinnthal accept me as a new patient?”

By coincidence, our veterinarian’s name was also Verinnthal (I’m not using the real name). We liked him a lot, and he was a very nice man. We heard that someone asked him if he was Doctor Verinnthal the Internist. He replied, “No, I’m the veterinarian who treats animals like people.”
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