Monday, May 01, 2006

Between the one gallon bag and the 13 gallon bag lies ...

Between the one gallon plastic bag and the 13 gallon plastic bag lies ... what? This dreadful gap in plastic kitchen bags causes leftover crises when the 1g bag simply won't fit over a serving dish. There ought to be more choice!
And yet there is more choice. In our local supermarkets, there's a larger and wider bag we can use, free, to pack our fresh fruits and veggies in. One form of this bag comes in large packs that lie flat and are easy to use. I tried to buy a pack at the super today.
I expected it to be cheap. After all, the store can afford to give them away with small amounts of green goods. But I was told, "This time you can have it free." I'm delighted, I'm all set to handle those difficult leftover storage problems, and I still wonder what they will cost next time.

SIDE NOTE: There is, of course, store advertising printed on every one of these bags. My wife feels that the print can seep through the plastic and affect the food. Comments, please?

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