Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wind Turbines are Photogenic ...

Wind Turbines are photogenic, especially when photographed like this. I'm sure you're reading, as I am, about all the good these turbines can do to make us more energy self-sufficient, and about all the strange “nimby” cases where communities do not want bunches of windmills in their towns.

I've seen a real wind turbine farm (in Palm Springs) and I know the truth now. These farms are unbelievably ugly, an eyesore in the environment, possibly a little less ugly than your local coal stripmine. After seeing the real thing, I cannot cease marveling at how well their pictures turn out. The turbines are enormous and they dwarf the landscape they are planted in. In large numbers they shatter the landscape view, and some of them will be broken or fallen, making jagged and unsettling, what might otherwise look like a neat and orderly facility.

They really work though. Where will people put them?

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