Wednesday, May 10, 2006

“This is Detroit. Cars get stolen." An aftermath:

“This is Detroit. Cars get stolen." Aftermath:
If you're in an automobile accident, you're advised to start driving again as soon as possible, to counteract the effects of mental trauma before it sinks in. (I was once hit by a drunk driver while making a left turn, and our car was badly damaged. Parts were unavailable due to a French dock strike, and I did not drive again for 90 days. When I did start again, I could not make a natural left turn for weeks; I could always feel an unseen car coming up on my left, and I made as wide-angled a turn as possible, as if unable to commit to going truly LEFT.) I think the same applies to having your car stolen at valet parking. (See my May 8, 2006 entry, just below.) You should use a valet again as soon as possible.

In fact my next encounter with valet parking was at a restaurant, fourteen months later. The valet lot was right next to the restaurant, and I was assured that it was hopeless to try to park on the street. I froze; I thought furiously, trying to remember everything I must do right to give my car to the valet. I placed my key in the ignition, got out and securely locked the car. And I did not have a second key.

Lunch (with friends) was ruined for me by the progress bulletins I received. Every ten minutes someone would come to our table to inform me that they hadn't unlocked my car yet, but they were still working on it. I knew they would not give up; my car was blocking entrance/egress to the valet lot! It took them fifty minutes to get it open.

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