Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What would you buy on a 100 Gigabyte DVD?

We're just starting to see the attack of the Larger DVD drives, intended to hold High Definition (HD) movies. But storage media are getting bigger and denser. What could anyone sell to fit on a 100, 500 or larger GB drive? If this question worries you - which I greatly doubt - thank goodness I have the answer.

Please imagine a movie "released" to 500GB DVD. Of course the movie has multiple sound tracks for different languages, but it also has different scenes with different ratings. You can choose to see the G version, the R version the X version. And in any case you can choose to see or not see the sex, violence, toilet humor or destuction of plants and animals.

Critics will love these multi-scene movies! They will argue about which version is the best, and when thr PG version seems just perfect, they will argue that the sex in the R version must have been totally gratuitous.

I'd definitely like to see the versions that, at least, leave out violence, toilet humor and car chases.

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