Sunday, May 28, 2006

I wonder how Carla's doing ...

On my walks a few months ago, I often noticed an unusual SUV parked at the curb near our house. I wondered how it could stay there so long at a time (in our neighborhood you have to ask the police, every day, for permission to park overnight). And if I were to explain to you what was unusual about the SUV, you would know why I wondered how the car's owner could stay away from the town he belonged in, about 20 miles away, so much and so often.
There's a smart elder woman in our neighborhood, an artist and writer, who's usually clued in about what's happening on our block. One morning she came out of her house as I was looking at the SUV. I called to her, “Say, do you know the significance of that SUV parked there?”
She gave me a conspiratorial “Shh,” index finger to mouth, and I crossed the street to her.
She continued in her normal voice, “The SUV being there means that Carla's getting laid!”
I must have stared at her mouth agape. She continued, “I live next to Carla and our houses are very close together. Those two have hot tempers, I hear them arguing all the time. But it seems there's also a lot of great sex.”
I haven't seen the SUV for months. But maybe the guy's using some other vehicle these days.

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